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June 2022

High-speed bridge-type machining centers

Over a period extending through more than half a year, and month for month, Takumi delivered bridge-type machining centers to an address in Eibiswald, just south of Graz, Austria: for a total of two “H7” models and no less than eight “H10” Series machines. This investment by Fuchshofer Präzisionstechnik was their response to some very specific customer requirements, of the kind that so often lend impetus to this company’s ac-tions and acquisitions. Owner Hannes Fuchshofer: “These ten Takumis offer us the ideal means for satisfying these demands.”

June 2021

Vertical 3-Axis Machining Centers:

The Synthesis of Dynamism and Precision Pliening, Germany, April 2021. With the commercial launch of its VC Series, Takumi is […]

November 2017

Takumi high-speed portal machining centers

  • Compact design for companies
  • Exceptional rigidity, accuracy and dynamic performance are the key features of Takumi’s high-speed portal machines
  • H-Series achieves exceptional surface quality
October 2016

HURCO starts European sales of Takumi products

  • Conquering the European market with Takumi’s premium products
  • HURCO starts European sales in November 2016
  • Good market share can be achieved before 2020
October 2016

High-speed portal machining centers for best surface

  • The H-series from Takumi
  • Eleven machines of different sizes
  • For metal-cutting specialists in the tool-making and mold-making industry
July 2015

HURCO expands its international market position

  • Acquisition of two machine tool companies in the USA and Taiwan
  • With over 150 different machine types
  • Three strong global brands under one roof

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