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The graphite artist

G 1000


The G 1000 is the ideal CNC machine for your production if you are looking for a steadfast solution for graphite machining with an optimal price-performance ratio. The machining center is equipped with first-class components as standard and can also be expanded with numerous additional options - for the production of workpieces with the finest contours specifically according to the requirements of your production.

Travels and Table

X-Axis (mm): 1.020
Y-Axis (mm): 700
Z-Axis (mm): 500
Table working surface W x D (mm): 1.050 x 700
Spindle Speed (rpm): 25.000
Produkt anfragen A98F51BA-C751-4ACB-A8F7-E755F2C2B640
  • Completely enclosed machining area incl. extraction for modern graphite machining.
  • High form and dimensional accuracy due to compact gantry design
  • Comprehensive basic equipment for a first-class price/performance ratio
  • Stable and rigid gantry construction with high temperature resistance
  • Absolute direct travel measuring system
  • System for compensation of thermal spindle expansion
  • Cooling system for the ball screw - 25,000 min-1, HSK-E50, motor spindle Graphite extraction system"

Specifications - G 1000

X-Axis (mm) 1.020
Y-Axis (mm) 700
Z-Axis (mm) 500
Table working surface W x D (mm) 1.050 x 700
Load max. (uniform distribution) (kg) 800
Distance from spindle nose to table (mm) 180 - 680
Distance between columns (mm) 1.080
T-Slots (DIN 650) 6 x 18 x 125
Spindle Taper HSK50-E
Type Motorspindel
Power S1/S6 (kW) 20 / 26
Torque S1/S6 (Nm) 10,4 / 13,5
Spindle Speed (rpm) 25.000
Feed Rate
Rapid Traverse X/Y/Z-Axis (m/min) 30 / 30 / 30
Cutting Feed Rate X/Y/Z-Axis (mm/min) 20
ATC & Magazine
ATC Type Doppelgreifer
Magazine Capacity 30
Maximum Tool Diameter (mm) full / next pocket empty 75
With Empty Pockets (mm) 120
Maximum Tool Length (mm) 300
Maximum Tool Weight (kg) 7
Space & System Requirements
Maximum Floor Spade (mm) W x L x H 3.950 x 4.600 x 2.950
Machine Net Weight (kg) 9.100
Electrical Power Consumption (kVA / A) 50 / 125
Air Requirements (bar) 6

Choose the spindle that suits you

Spindle options G 1000
Drehzahl max. (1/min) 25.000
Leistung S1/S6 (kW) 20 / 26
Drehmoment S1/S6 (Nm) 10,4 / 13,5
Schnittstelle HSK50-E
Standard / Optional Standard

Always perfectly equipped

Great features of our standard equipment

  • Heidenhain iTNC 640 Control
  • Graphite collector
  • Linear Scales
  • 15,000 RPM, CAT/BT40, inline spindle
  • Spindle thermal compensation system
  • Chip flushing
  • Spindle cooling
  • Full enclosure
  • Ethernet interface
  • 30T arm type ATC (G1000)

With further optional equipment you can adapt the TAKUMI G 1000 to your needs

  • Ballscrew cooling system
  • Part probe measurement system
  • Touch probe for tool measurement
  • Manual pulse generator (MPG)
  • Programmable airblow machining
  • Programmable airblow through spindle machining

Heidenhain Control TNC 640

Our Takumi  Machining Centers are equipped with the latest Heidenhein TNC control 640.

Extraction unit

  • Fully-enclosed covers make  sure a safe, clean and healthy working environment and effectively reduce graphite particles contamination to its minimum.

Vaccum system on the headstock

  • The particle-collection nozzle keeps a distance at 150mm to the tool tip which not only makes the particle-collection rate above 83%,but also avoids from the motion conflict.

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