G 1000 G 1000

G 1000


Technical specifications

Modell G 700 G 1000
X-Axis (mm) 7501.020
Y-Axis (mm) 600700
Z-Axis (mm) 500
Table working surface W x D (mm) 810 x 6201.050 x 700
Load max. (uniform distribution) (kg) 500800
Distance from spindle nose to table (mm) 150 - 650180 - 680
Distance between columns (mm) 8501.080
T-Slots (DIN 650) 5 x 18 x 1256 x 18 x 125
Spindle Taper HSK50-E
Type Motorspindel
Power S1/S6 (kW) 20 / 26
Torque S1/S6 (Nm) 10,4 / 13,5
Spindle Speed (rpm) 25.000
Feed Rate
Rapid Traverse X/Y/Z-Axis (m/min) 30 / 30 / 30
Cutting Feed Rate X/Y/Z-Axis (mm/min) 20
ATC & Magazine
ATC Type Doppelgreifer
Magazine Capacity 2430
Maximum Tool Diameter (mm) full / next pocket empty 75
With Empty Pockets (mm) 120
Maximum Tool Length (mm) 300
Maximum Tool Weight (kg) 7
Space & System Requirements
Maximum Floor Spade (mm) W x L x H 2.890 x 4.510 x 2.8703.950 x 4.600 x 2.950
Machine Net Weight (kg) 7.0009.100
Electrical Power Consumption (kVA / A) 50 / 125
Air Requirements (bar) 6
Modell G 700 G 1000

The specified values correspond to the default configuration.
* Other options available


Standard Optional
Heidenhain iTNC 640 Control Ballscrew cooling system
Graphite collector Part probe measurement system
Linear Scales Touch probe for tool measurement
15,000 RPM, CAT/BT40, inline spindle Manual pulse generator (MPG)
Spindle thermal compensation system Programmable airblow machining
Chip flushing Programmable airblow through spindle machining
Spindle cooling
Full enclosure
Ethernet interface
24T arm type ATC (H7) (G700)
30T arm type ATC (G1000)

Product Description

Heidenhain Control TNC 640

  • Our Takumi  Machining Centers are equipped with the latest Heidenhein TNC control 640.

Extraction unit

  • Fully-enclosed covers make  sure a safe, clean and healthy working environment and effectively reduce graphite particles contamination to its minimum.

Vaccum system on the headstock

  • The particle-collection nozzle keeps a distance at 150mm to the tool tip which not only makes the particle-collection rate above 83%,but also avoids from the motion conflict.


  • Double-layer protection.
  • Overlapping (scaly) telescopic cover.
  • Bi-layer protection and seamless design.
  • Linear guideways with the high graded particle-proof design.
  • Ballscrews with a high-graded particle-proof design. 


  • Centralized maintenance units and easy-to-use work and operator interfaces generate a smooth set-up and production process.

Precise High performance spindle

  • With the G-series, Takumi offers the optimal spindle for your demands
  • Spindle speedsfrom 20.000 to 30.000 (1/min) 
  • Output up to 10 - 20 kW
  • Interface: HSK-E40/50

Extremely stiff and high-presision mechanical structure

  • The load-bearing mechanical structures such as bed, pillar, bed sledge are made of heat-treated and stress-released Meehanite cast iron. 
  • The thereby gained absorption capacity  enables low-vibration machining processes. This ensures high surface quality on the workpiece and increases the tool life.

Mechnical accuracy

  • In order to increase the durability of wear parts, Takumi pursues the philosophy of generating geometric accuracy from mechanics. The greatest effort is put into assembling the machine, for example, contact surfaces are hand scraped. 
  • Components are aligned to each other with the highest precision and assembled with the utmost care. Subsequent compensation via the machine control is thus reduced to a necessary minimum.

Thermal stability

  • In order to be able to offer you a perfect tool for your high-precision production, the following measures have been consistently implemented in the G-series:
    • Core-cooled and pre-tensioned ball-screws
    • Thermal compensation of the spindle expansion including sensors
    • Jacket-cooled milling spindle 
    • Linear scales

Reliable results

  • Quality components from well-known manufacturers guarantee durability and achieve the desired results:
    • Oversized high-precision roller linear guides in all 3 axes
    • Pre-tensionedball screws to absorb thermal deformation and maintain maximum accuracy
    • 6 or more guide blocks per axis generate a balanced performance between dynamics and accuracy


  • Moving mechanical elements are inherently stiff and reduced in mass.
  • The high-precision roller linear guides ensure a quick response when accelerating and decelerating, resulting in high dynamics. Due to the large contact surfaces, they also ensure optimal load distribution on the guideways. The load capacity and torsional stiffness of the individual axes are increased to a maximum.This reduces the wear on the guides and also compensates vibrations during high cutting forces. 
  • The optimal number and positioning of the guide blocks reinforces the rigidity and ensures constant accuracy during long-term operation.

8 Reasons for the 3-axis-CNC - Machining Centres of the G-Series from Takumi

  1. Takumi has been a successful partner of industry and research for over 30 years.
  2. Product development close to customer and market requirements.
  3. G- series designed for graphite machining
  4. Service, sales and customer support through the proven HURCO network (PLC supported).
  5. Increased longevity with an encapsulated machining area achieved through an integrated vacuum system and efficient multi-layer covers for ball screws and linear guides.
  6. Accuracy thanks to the concentricity-optimized build-in spindle, torsion-resistant portal construction and targeted measures for temperature resistance.
  7. Process reliability at long-term-machining with finish results on the surface that require no manual rework.
  8. The right machine model for every component size.


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