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Space-saving multitalents

VC 0852


The TAKUMI VC 0852 cross table machining center delivers reliable precision with universal application range. The machine is the ideal solution for your production if you want to machine small workpieces with maximum accuracy. With a table clamping area of 1,000 length and 520 mm width, and travels of 860 mm on the X-axis, 520 mm on the Y-axis, and 610 mm on the Z-axis, the VC 0852 is the most compact CNC machining center in the TAKUMI VC series and performs big despite its space-saving size. With a weight of 5,250 kg, the milling machine weighs in at a level that ensures high stability despite its compact size. 

Travels and Table

X-Axis (mm): 860
Y-Axis (mm): 520
Z-Axis (mm): 610
Table working surface W x D (mm): 1.000 x 520
Spindle Speed (rpm): 15.000
Produkt anfragen A98F51BA-C751-4ACB-A8F7-E755F2C2B640
  • Direct-drive spindle up to 15,000 rpm
  • Spindle cooler
  • User-friendly, ergonomic access for loading

Specifications - VC 0852

X-Axis (mm) 860
Y-Axis (mm) 520
Z-Axis (mm) 610
Table working surface W x D (mm) 1.000 x 520
Load max. (uniform distribution) (kg) 500
Distance from spindle nose to table (mm) 115 - 725
T-Slots (DIN 650) 5 x 18mm x 100mm
Spindle Taper SK40 - BigPlus / BBT40
Type In-Line
Power S1/S6 (kW) 10 / 14
Torque S1/S6 (Nm) 63,7 / 89,4
Spindle Speed (rpm) 15.000
Feed Rate
Rapid Traverse X/Y/Z-Axis (m/min) 36 / 36 / 24
Cutting Feed Rate X/Y/Z-Axis (mm/min) 12
ATC & Magazine
ATC Type Doppelgreifer
Magazine Capacity 30
Maximum Tool Diameter (mm) full / next pocket empty 75
With Empty Pockets (mm) 150
Maximum Tool Length (mm) 300
Maximum Tool Weight (kg) 7
Space & System Requirements
Maximum Floor Spade (mm) W x L x H 3.870 x 3.750 x 3.100
Machine Net Weight (kg) 5.250
Electrical Power Consumption (kVA / A) 30
Air Requirements (bar) 6

Choose the spindle that suits you

Spindle options VC 0852
Drehzahl max. (1/min) 15.000 15.000
Leistung S1/S6 (kW) 10 / 14 10 / 14
Drehmoment S1/S6 (Nm) 63,7 / 89,4 63,7 / 89,4
Schnittstelle SK40BigPlus BBT40 / HSK63-A
Standard / Optional Standard Optional

Always perfectly equipped

Great features of our standard equipment

  • Heidenhain Control TNC 640
  • VC 0852/ VC 1052: Direct drive spindle 15.000 1/min. SK40BigPlus
  • Coolant wash-down system
  • Spindle chiller
  • Full enclosure
  • Programmable airblow machining
  • Oil Skimmer
  • Wash-down gun and air gun
  • Chip conveyor and cart
  • Manual pulse generator (MPG)
  • Ethernet interface

With further optional equipment you can adapt the TAKUMI VC 0852 to your needs

  • Heidenhain Control TNC7
  • Coolant through spindle (CTS 30 bar)
  • Rotary table (4th / 5th axis)
  • Part probe measurement system
  • Tool probe measurement system
  • Programmable airblow through spindle machining
  • Oil mist device
  • Oil mist collector
  • Scraper type conveyor instead of chain type conveyor
  • Production package Knoll
  • Bypass Filter
  • Rotoclear

Heidenhain Control TNC 640

Our Takumi Machining Centers are equipped with the latest Heidenhein TNC control. 640. 

Precise High performance spindle

  • With the VC-series, Takumi offers the optimal spindle for your demands
  • Spindle speeds 8.000 or 15.000 (rpm) 
  • Output up to 10kW – 25kW
  • Interface: SK40 BigPlus / BBT 40 / BBT 50

Extremely stiff and high-presision mechanical structure

  • The load-bearing mechanical structures such as bed, pillar, bed sledge are made of heat-treated and stress-released Meehanite cast iron. The thereby gained absorption capacity  enables low-vibration machining processes. This ensures high surface quality on the workpiece and increases the tool life.

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