H 22 / H 32

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Technical specifications



Standard Optional
Heidenhain iTNC 640 Control Rotary table (4th/5th axis)
Linear Scales Part probe measurement system
15,000 RPM, CAT/BT40, inline spindle Touch probe for tool measurement
24T arm type ATC (H7) Manual pulse generator (MPG)
Spindle thermal compensation system Programmable airblow machining
Chip flushing Programmable airblow through spindle machining
Spindle cooling Oil mist device
Full enclosure Oil mist collector
Coolant through spindle (CTS 20 bar) Scraper type conveyor
Oilskimmer Production package Knoll
Wash-down gun and air gun Bypass Filter
Chip conveyor and cart Rotoclear
Ethernt interface 250 mm Z-axis increase
Ballscrew cooling system for X-axis

General Infos

High-rigidity and high-precision mechanical structure

  • Main mechanical structures, such as: base, column, saddle, etc., are made of Meehanite casting iron with the process of heat treatment to release the residual stress to ensure every actual miniature movement and to maintain a long-lasting accuracy.
  • Box-shaped structural design on beam, together with ladder-like layout of linear guideway makes the combining span of saddle wider and assures a powerful and stable machining capability on the spindle.
  •  The design with 3-axis roller-type high-precision linear guide-ways acquires a quick response in acceleration and deceleration and gets the rapid traverse up to 32 m/min. 
  •  3-axis ballscrews, being pre-stretched, can effectively refrain from the thermal deformation and surely guarantee the precise positioning accuracy and repeatability accuracy.
High-rigidity and high-precision mechanical structure

No-counterbalance design on headstock

  • The no-counterweight structural design on headstock is without stagnant phenomenon caused by inertia and no vibration resulted from the counterweight, but with the agile, quick and stable response in feed.
  • Z-axis linear guideway with 6 blocks ensures good accuracy in long-term operation and long service hours.
No-counterbalance design on headstock

High-precision and high-performance spindle

  • Embedded automatic thermal compensation appliance  can effectively refrain from the thermal deformation and surely guarantee the accuracy.
  • The cooling system on the spindle makes sure the temperature stability in spindle operation and restrains from the thermal deformation on the spindle to optimize the machining accuracy.
High-precision and high-performance spindle

Chip flushing function and oil-skimmed design

  • The inclined-plane design on the chassis, together with the flushing coolant system on both rear sides, makes chip removed effective.
  • Oil-skimmed design – the water tank with oil skimmer makes the service life of coolant longer.

Automatic Tool change

  • 20-tool, umbrella-type, tool magazine
  • 30-tool, cam-type, tool magazine, optional

Heidenhain Control TNC 640

  • Our Takumi  Machining Centers are equipped with the latest Heidenhein TNC control. 
Heidenhain Control TNC 640


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